As we deepen our knowledge in the fitness industry, nootropics always pop up in the conversation. When you think of nootropics, you think of brain boosters or mechanisms to increase your focus. These attributes are incredibly useful within the fitness industry when it comes to your ultimate fitness journey. Your mind needs to be on top of the game and staying focused within your fitness regimen. Most pre-workout drinks such as coffee, Red Bull, or even pre-workout shakes consist of caffeine. This nootropic is the most popular nootropic worldwide and gives you that pump you seek for at the gym. Caffeine increases your focus and rids of the tiredness you get daily.

Besides focusing nootropics on the gym life, let it zoom in on how they improve your cognitive health. Nootropics boost your brain power by improving your memory, decreasing fatigue, less stress, and enhanced focus within your brain. Nootropics are supplements that work as their own individual compound. The beautiful thing about them is you can mix and match several different kinds to enhance or balance that tent to create imbalances on their own. Below I will provide five important nootropic supplements that boost your brain power individually or stacked together.

1. Phosphatidylserine

This specific nootropic holds the key to the ultimate success with cellular functions inside the brain. There was a recent study conducted that was tested on elderly people who struggle with or without cognitive impairments. Those who struggled had a positive effect and those who didn’t had a positive enhancement with their memory. Phosphatidylserine has been use to enhance cognitive health within exercise. Individuals that have used phosphatidylserine within their supplements had better results within their fitness routines and improved moods throughout their day.

Not only does it benefit the fitness junkies, it benefits the mathematicians as well. Using phosphatidylserine had a positive effect on the solving of math problems with faster calculations and the results of correct answers.

2. L-Theanine and Caffeine

With the compound that is found in green tea leaves, L-Theanine has been known to reduce any stress that comes up through your daily routine. Maybe your workout is a little too stressful or you have a calculus exam you’ve been cramming for. Adding caffeine with this nootropic increases your mood and your ability to focus as well. For those that suffer with high blood pressure or high heart rates, this mix between L-Theanine and Caffeine reduces the levels and encourages relaxation.

3. Creatine

Creatine has been known to increase strength and muscle mass within fitness junkies. However, the cool thing about this nootropic is it enhances your memory and brain power as well. Your brain works just like your muscles and uses ATP. The use of ATP requires energy and creatine helps with that. Creatine supplements have created positive results within short-term memory and logical skills.

4. Huperzine A

Huperzine A has been known as a brain power herbal food. It helps increase acetylcholine throughout the brain. Huperzine A increases the power of your neurotransmitters to the point where there is improvement with cognitive functions and memory. Huperzine A can be found within many pre-workout and post-workout supplements so it won’t take long to see the beneficiary results of Huperzine A.

5. Choline and Piracetam

As you may know, Choline can be found in several foods that we eat such as beef liver, specific veggies, raw dairy, and egg yolks. However, these foods do not contain enough doses of Choline to actually have an increased benefit. Choline has a direct path to your acetylcholine which improves your memory within the brain. Combining Choline with Piracetam can improve your memory and prevent many common neuro-degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia; which usually occurs with the elderly.

Piracetam works with the utilization of brain function when it comes to your memory and cognitive health. It increases your acetylcholine like how Choline does. Piracetam can be used individually, but when placed with Choline, they are an unstoppable and potent duo.

As we pursue more and more into the field of nootropics, there are still many unknowns with each nootropic. Even though there are many controlled studies within each nootropic,  there are still many uncertainties that science has to address. Scientists still show us that the supplementation of nootropics improve our overall thinking, increased focus, positive moods, and the decrease in fatigue. When it comes to your fitness plans or even your study sessions at the library, nootropics give you that extra boost to succeed cognitively. Either taking these supplements individually or creating your own customized stack, I guarantee you will see improvements within your exercise programs and your overall GPA within your classes.