With the new year starting, so does a new semester. It’s time to shed the holiday weight and get back into to shape and get your nose back into the books. Starting your studies back up may require a little kick. You don’t need to resort to harmful chemicals, illegal drugs, or harmful toxic brews that can poison and pollute your brain. There aren’t any ancient, mythological formulas, magic potions, and sacred rituals. Just good old fashioned, nootropics.

What is a Nootropic?

What are nootropics you ask? Nootropics are a class of natural, synthetic chemicals or drugs, or foods which boosts one or more cognitive function, such as attention, memory, and boost motivation.  Most nootropics are primarily considered to be stimulants, like the caffeine in your coffee, or the nicotine in your cigarettes. These two stimulants are the most common, and readily available nootropics on the market.

The most common narcotic nootropics include Adderall, LSD, and Ritalin. Most nootropic drugs were synthesized to combat other illnesses or neurodevelopmental disorders, such as ADHD, Parkinson’s Disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. The popularity of nootropics have exploded amongst high school and college students because of their uncanny ability to help you maintain focus, no matter what distractions you have in place. Let’s take a look at the best nootropics for studying.

Potent Nootropic for Memorization and Information Retention

If you want to remember all of the information you were up until 4 am the night before cramming before the test, consider the nootropics blend I’m about to explain. The mixture of Alpha GPC and Aniracetam keeps the neurotransmitter’s in your brain firing on all cylinders, increasing neuromuscular pathways, which allow for greater memory retention. Aniracetam increases the production of acetylcholine, which is said too be the chemical that transmits knowledge retention. Alpha GPC blocks stress induced headaches but increasing the flow of choline in the brain. This powerful blend is perfect for learning faster, keep you awake and focused, and aids in retaining information longer.

Potent Nootropic Blend for Focus

The next nootropic blend on our list is the combination of Alpha GPC and Caffeine. Like before, the Alpha GPC will reduce headaches and will aid your brain with effectively passing information between neuro-transmitters. The caffeine is meant for helping you stay awake longer.

Another great combination of nootropics for focus is B6 and Pyridoxine. B6 is a vitamin which increases neurotransmitter production, which gives us clearer focus. Studies have shown that vitamin B6 is great at reducing the effects of other drugs on the body. This makes it ideal for young students who have a little bit of an intense lifestyle. Preserving your body from damage is an excellent way to prevent damage to your brains chemical production, which increases memory, information retention, and cognitive functioning.

There are many potent, natural nootropics that can be used in place of harmful, narcotic nootropics that can poison your body. Find a combination of natural, effective nootropics by conducting your own research and figuring out which nootropic works best for your need.